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Shooting Industry has little to fear from Brexit, say experts

Shooting industry leaders say that firearms ownership in the UK would be broadly unaffected by a Brexit, but a possible removal of free duty could lead to price hikes

A “Brexit” would have little or no major impact on UK firearms ownership, according to shooting industry leaders.

While the 23 June in-out referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union (EU) could have consequences for the agricultural industry and the environment the shooting industry has less to worry about.

Liam Stokes, head of shooting campaigns at the Countryside Alliance, said that much depends on what a post-Brexit Government decides to do.

“We know that firearms legislation in the UK is among the strictest and tightest in the world, and certainly exceeds what is required by the EU Firearms Directive, so regardless of the referendum result, firearms law would be broadly unaffected.”

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